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Featured Story Spring 2023

Growth and Reflection

As I write this introduction, our faculty and students are entering the final weeks of school and preparing for presentations of learning, playoffs in multiple sports, year-end activities for myriad clubs, and of course, graduation and senior celebrations for the Class of 2023. As the school year draws to a…
Featured Story Spring 2023

President Lester Cingcade’s Lasting Legacy

Just over twenty-one years since his passing, the legacy of President Lester Cingcade’s vision for and service to Mid-Pacific echoes on campus today.  His presidency from 1985-96 heralded a time of change for the campus and culture - growth, internationalism, and innovation to meet the changing times. With insight from…
Featured Story Spring 2023

Class of 2023 Student Athlete Commitments

See where our Mid-Pacific student-athletes from the class of 2023 are going to compete at the university level. Jaime Bhattacharyya ’23 University of California San Diego Water Polo “Playing water polo for Mid-Pacific has taught me important lessons that will go with me into college,” says Jaime. “My coaches were…

Alumni News

Alumni News Spring 2023

Good Coffee for a Great Cause

Simone Ispahani ’13 is the founder and CEO of Social Brew, a company that specializes in more than just good coffee - its focus is to uncover the best in humankind. In support of this mission, Social Brew contributes 50% of profits to helping global victims of human trafficking in…
Alumni News Spring 2023

Ramen, Resilience and Success

By: Shayne Fujii ʼ89 Ryutaro Isobe ’07 learned how to adapt to challenges at an early age. Born and raised in Tokyo, Japan, Isobe dreamed of studying English and moving to the United States. In 2003, he moved to Hawaii at the age of 15 and enrolled at Mid-Pacific. Today,…
Alumni News Spring 2023

Chronicling Micronesian Culture and Mid-Pacific Memories

For 45 years, Floyd Takeuchi ’71 has been on a mission to showcase Micronesia’s beauty, culture, and rich history to the world through his work as a journalist. He has been a voice for the region with passion and dedication, sharing its stories and significant milestones with audiences far and…

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