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The Wednesday before Labor Day proved to be exceptionally thrilling for the Class of 2023. They embarked on a memorable journey to Camp Erdman, on the North Shore, where they enjoyed three days and two nights of Senior Camp. This cherished tradition has been a hallmark of Mid-Pacific for over 31 years, serving as a unifying experience for the senior class as they commence their final year on campus. Among the most beloved customs of Senior Camp is the tradition of coming together to witness the sunset on the final night.

First row: Derek Hunsaker, Jordan Clifford, Mark Davis, Taiga Matsuoka. Second row: Nathan Morrice, Isaiah-Jac (I.J.) Cua, Nelu Racsa, Ryu Kojima, Kyan Smith, Adam Katz, Lucca Del Zotto, and Ryan Choi.

First row: Jake Hamadon. Second row: Jessica Lee, Keisen Kim, Zoe Gleason, Kyra Kamioka, Ian Nishikawa, Ryan Otsuka, and Tony Lee. Third row, from left: Kaito Maeda, Alana Haydu, Junsei Tanizaki, Laurana Muzzarini, James Kaminer, Youngje Park, Riku Fujisaki, and Carl Remigio.


Students in grades 9-12 gathered at Kapi‘olani Park to participate in friendly competition, where they showcased their talents, teamwork, and class spirit. The class tug-of-war competition is a cherished high school tradition.

Kate Bartholomees ’24 and Sophia Smith ’25 are part of the first rowing crew from Hawai‘i in over 50 years to represent Hawai‘i on the mainland this fall as they compete in the prestigious Head of the Charles Regatta in Boston, MA. They will travel with eight other girls from high schools across the island to the world’s largest rowing competition in October.

Brayson Sarae and his classmates celebrating a victory.

Hadyn-Jean Kioko Saldania-Durbin, Leilah Etscheit, Siera Mau, Hoapili Kukea-Shultz, Jordan Amano-Mitsui, Maddix Shizuru, Chanel Awai, Sanoe Medal, Natalia Scanlan, and Brooke Eglinton.

Knytly Sybounmy, Brynn Castello, and Kahaealeiakalewa Dancil-Evans.

Coen Goeas, Jayden Gabrillo, Rielan Hung, Parker Flores, and Aaron Ito.