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Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships

Guided by the  legacy of a 1964 alumna mother and driven by the anticipation of her two children joining the ranks of the 2024 alumni, Heidi Kim ’91 brings a resounding full-circle insight into her role as Mid-Pacific’s Director of Development and Strategic Partnerships. Her ability to connect with Mid-Pacific’s various constituencies, combined with her commitment to the greater good, allows her to foster meaningful relationships and contribute to Mid-Pacific’s overall advancement.

When Heidi started her journey at Mid-Pacific, along with her brother Tyler, they were new to O‘ahu from Kaua‘i. They traveled to campus each day from Wahiawa, a trek that began before sunrise to beat the traffic at the H1/H2 merge. It was a major culture shock coming from a small neighbor island school to a class of nearly 150 students. “Entering Mid-Pacific in grade seven felt big and very different from my little Island School,” Heidi says. “It was so disorienting, but the folks who extended a hand to me in those first days of school are still my closest friends today. I think many alumni will agree, those friendships are the most valuable things I took out of my time at Mid-Pacific. We’ve influenced and encouraged each other for many years and hopefully for many more to come.’”

Heidi is reminded daily of her legacy ties to Mid-Pacific. As a connector of generations, she finds great personal fulfillment in her work. “In no other position and place would I be able to connect with a classmate of my mom, collaborate with one of my high school teachers, and talk to a fellow parent all in the same day and all toward the advancement of this community,” Heidi notes. “It’s a role and responsibility I cherish and take seriously.”

Heidi Kim ’91, along with her sons Simon ’24 and Eli ’24, enthusiastically waved signs during last year’s National Giving Day sign-waving event.

Heidi’s path after Mid-Pacific included stops in Santa Clara, California for college, Oregon for her early career, and spanned leadership roles in various sectors. Her current position in the Institutional Advancement Office is a culmination of those skills and experiences. “Connecting foundations and individuals with Mid-Pacific’s mission—whether that be through a grant, an endowment, or a planned gift—is very rewarding. It’s one part art and one part science, as they say,” Heidi says. “But more than anything, it’s about building and maintaining authentic relationships with people who also think Mid-Pacific is very special and want to see it thrive.”

Heidi’s personal experiences shape her commitment to development today. “As a former scholarship student, I have so much gratitude for those who choose to support financial aid. When I get to steward a donor who has given to tuition assistance, the shy 7th grader in me does a little dance knowing firsthand how much that gift is making a difference.”

“This really has been a full-circle journey,” she adds, “starting with those wonderful people who extended a helping hand to me during my time at Mid-Pacific. Now, I get to help make those connections happen. And that is a true honor.”