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Meet Traci and Jonathan Tesoro

We are pleased to introduce 2023 Mid-Pacific Fund Co-Chairs Traci and Jonathan Tesoro, and to share their Mid-Pacific story: their family connections, the traditions they value, and why they support the Mid-Pacific Fund.

Their connection to Mid-Pacific dates back over a hundred years; Traci’s grandfather graduated in 1926! “We became reacquainted with Mid-Pacific because our uncle, Walter Ozawa ’63 encouraged us to tour the school when our son, Treyden ’28 was heading to Kindergarten,” Traci shares. “Seeing all that was going on here and feeling the warmth of the community, even on that first visit, we felt like we were home.”

Long-standing traditions create lasting memories for the Tesoros’ children. Their daughter, Dempsey ’32 participated in the banner presentation at convocation when she was three years old. “Seeing the youngest and oldest classes presenting their banners, the whole school community together in the gym welcoming the new school year, that was an incredible experience,” Traci recalls. “The annual holiday tea with Dr. and Mrs. Turnbull is also a favorite tradition. Playing with LEGO blocks, hearing holiday stories, and enjoying sweet treats and time with the Turnbulls are memories Dempsey will always treasure.” 

Some of Treyden and Dempsey’s best memories are tied to their everyday experiences in the Mid- Pacific community and the genuine caring and support they have experienced as students. “There are so many days that they come home telling us things about their day that make us so appreciative that this school is our home,” Traci adds.

Traci and Jonathan graciously stepped into the role of Mid-Pacific Fund Co-Chairs this fall, sharing that “Our family feels blessed to be a part of this unique, innovative, caring school community and are so grateful to have the opportunity to further lend our support to Mid-Pacific.” They point to the academic opportunities, innovative learning strategies, and diverse experiences as reasons to choose Mid-Pacific. But it is the warmth and genuine caring for their children that resonates with them. “This is a place where we’ve seen our children being encouraged and supported every day to embrace their distinctive makeup and to continue to become the best version of themselves,” Traci says. We really believe that what our children are experiencing here at Mid-Pacific is preparing them to be able to go out into whatever the world may look like in the future, secure in themselves to be confident, compassionate, and contributing members of the ever-changing global society.”

When asked about their role as Co-Chairs, Traci notes that “Supporting Mid-Pacific is one of our passions, so we are very grateful to have the opportunity to be able to serve in this way. We want to do whatever we can to encourage others to also support this school that we love!”