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For me, there is joy in being part of the Mid-Pacific ‘ohana. That joy partly comes from the myriad connections we cultivate with one another each year. Whether in the classroom, on stage, during athletic competitions, or at school-wide celebrations, our opportunities for connection abound.

Consider the photo above: The President of Mid-Pacific can connect with a three-year-old preschooler to celebrate the Class of 2038 while also connecting each student and each class in one moment. It was a special moment that reminded me of the intricate web that represents Mid-Pacific’s entire tapestry. That moment symbolized not just the beginning of his journey but also the essence of our shared Mid-Pacific experience.

This year marks the beginning of my second decade at Mid-Pacific. The last ten years were filled with growth, challenges, and countless connections; connections that constantly affirmed my belief that Mid-Pacific was home. As I reflect on the decade behind me, I am filled with gratitude for the community-wide bonds that have been forged and the transformative moments that we have all shared.

Looking forward, the Class of 2038 is on the path to enjoy fifteen years of on-campus connections before they become Mid-Pacific alumni, joining a network of Owls around the world. They will continue the legacy of those who came before them, drawing strength from the deep-rooted connections of our ‘ohana and looking ahead with optimism and hope.

I am looking forward to seeing the Class of 2038 confidently stride into college and the world beyond. In the meantime however, I will cherish the connections that our students make each day. As I said earlier, those connections are a daily source of joy that should not be overlooked.

Mahalo for being part of the Mid-Pacific ‘ohana, and mahalo for joining us on this incredible journey.

E Kūlia Kākou,
Let’s strive and aspire together

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.