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It’s always a pleasure for me to walk through campus and see our students and faculty engaged in the many opportunities that Mid-Pacific provides for learning, growth, and social development. 

This spring is a pivotal moment as we look ahead to the exciting journey that lies before us. Our strategic plan, Aspirations 2035, is at the heart of our shared journey. Aspirations 2035 guide us through a complex and ambiguous time in the world, ultimately providing the framework for Mid-Pacific to offer an even more connected, innovative, and enriching experience for our community of learners, employees, families, and alumni.

Central to Aspirations 2035 are three core initiatives: Strengthening the Mid-Pacific Community, Deeper Learning, and Talent Development. These goals are designed to enhance our sense of community, deepen the educational experience, and nurture the talents of our students and faculty alike. In the coming school year, we will unveil detailed plans for these initiatives, along with our renewed Vision and Mission statements, setting the stage for a decade of growth and achievement.

As we embrace these strategic directions, we are also excited about the immediate future. Our theater and dance students in the School of the Arts are preparing for breathtaking performances that showcase their creativity and passion. The seniors in the Class of 2024 are eagerly planning for their transition to college, ready to take on the world as the next generation of compassionate innovators. The palpable excitement of our newest Owls, the incoming students for the 2024-2025 school year, reminds us of the continuous cycle of renewal and potential that defines Mid-Pacific.

Together, we are laying the foundation for a future that honors our 115-year history, while embracing the innovative spirit that we are known for. As you read the following pages, I’m sure you’ll capture a glimpse of how our innovative spirit and our commitment to building community are present on campus every day.

E Kūlia Kākou,
Let’s strive and aspire together

Paul Turnbull, Ph.D.

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*Translation provided by the Mid-Pacific Student Translator Committee: Riku Fujisaki ’24, Fiona Hahm ’25, Yumeri Haraki ’25, Riko Hashimoto ’24, Hina Hayashi ’24, Harang Kim ’25, Tony Lee ’24, Youngje Park ’24, Junsei Tanizaki ’24, Sydney Woolly ’24, Jenny Wu ’25 and Julia Yang ’25.