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Celebrating the Class of 2024’s Collegiate Athletes

As the school year draws to a close, we take a moment to celebrate not just the academic achievements of our graduating seniors, but their athletic prowess as well. For some of these talented individuals, high school sports were just the beginning. They are set to continue their athletic careers at various prestigious colleges and universities, carrying with them the pride and support of our entire community. These young athletes have demonstrated exceptional dedication, resilience, and skill, setting a standard of excellence that inspires their teammates and spectators alike. Congratulations to these remarkable students as they prepare to take their talents to the next level, proving that hard work really does pay off.

Kanoe Contreras
Volleyball – Lindfield University

Maya DeGuzman
Swimming and Water Polo – University of La Verne

Payton Dixon
Baseball – University of Nevada at Reno

Brooke Eglinton
Volleyball – Embry Riddle Aeronautical University

Coen Goeas
Baseball – Brigham Young University Provo

Margaret “Maggie” Hoe
Tennis – University of the Pacific

Charis Kai
Volleyball – Pepperdine University

Noah Kubo
Baseball – Iowa Western Community College

Marley Matsuoka
Volleyball – Orange Coast Colleged

Petar Miocinovic
Volleyball – Vassar College

Dylan Morris
Swimming and Water Polo – Orange Coast College

Chandler Murray
Baseball – Kansas State University

Kaden Nakamura
Soccer – Lewis and Clark College

Tyson Norr
Soccer – Hawai‘i Pacific University

Alika Onaga
Cheer – Washington State University

Jillian Price
Swimming – Willamette University

Alexa Siu
Softball – Pacific Lutheran

Payton Smith
Volleyball – North Park University

Charis Kai ’24

Pepperdine University

As the sun sets on another thrilling high school volleyball season, one name has consistently echoed across the courts: Charis Kai. The senior libero who began her volleyball journey in the fourth grade is set to continue her athletic and academic pursuits at Pepperdine University this fall.

“I grew up watching my older sister play. I went to all her tournaments, even the traveling ones,” Charis recalls. Her early exposure to the sport ignited a passion that has guided her to where she is today—a defensive specialist known for her agility and sharp defensive passing.

Under the guidance of Coach David Bayne in her senior year, Charis’ high school volleyball experience reached new heights. “Coach Bayne and his coaching staff made my last high school volleyball experience the best I could’ve imagined,” she shares. This season was not just about victories, but also about forming bonds with teammates, particularly the underclassmen, and strengthening her leadership skills on and off the court.

Charis’s decision to attend Pepperdine was driven by more than just athletics; it was a heartfelt choice influenced by the university’s scenic campus, its proximity to her family, and a coaching staff that offered a slice of home. “The head coach is from O‘ahu, so it’s great to have someone from home there. And the campus, it’s just so beautiful, right across from the beach,” she explains.

Pepperdine represents a perfect alignment of her academic goals and volleyball ambitions. Playing in the West Coast Conference, she will compete against some top-tier schools while staying close to her family—a crucial factor for her. “Family is so important to me, knowing that O‘ahu to Malibu is just one flight away is exactly what I love,” Charis mentions.

As she prepares for this new chapter at Pepperdine, Charis reflects on her journey with gratitude and excitement. “I never thought I would be able to play for a team as good as them, but I took a chance and sent out my emails,” she states. Her proactive approach and determination have paid off, proving that taking chances can lead to fulfilling dreams.

Charis Kai’s story is not just about volleyball; it’s about dedication, family, and the pursuit of dreams. As she steps onto the courts at Pepperdine University, she carries with her the hopes and support of her family, friends, and all who have witnessed her remarkable journey in volleyball.

Tyson Norr ’24

Hawai‘i Pacific University

Tyson Norr stands out not only for his athletic prowess but also for his recent accolade as the ILH Defensive Player of the Year. His transition from a striker to a defender four years ago marked a significant turning point in his soccer career, leading him to new opportunities, including continuing his play at Hawai‘i Pacific University.

Tyson has been immersed in soccer for over 13 years, his journey evolving significantly throughout this time. Initially starting as a striker, Tyson made a strategic switch to defense, which allowed him to leverage his understanding of the game from a different perspective. “Being in the back, you’re able to see everything. It’s important for me to organize everyone in front of me to make sure they’re in the right place,” Tyson explains. His ability to observe and control the dynamics of the game has been a crucial part of his success.

His playing style is described as patient and composed, yet he does not shy away from the physical demands of his role. He highlights, “I always time my tackles because defense is the last line, so I don’t want to miss and allow the other team an open shot.” His strategic thinking and physical agility make him a formidable opponent on the field.

As Tyson looks forward to his collegiate soccer career at Hawai‘i Pacific University, he reflects on the sport he loves: “I grew up on soccer, loving the fast-paced action and the teamwork. It’s more than just winning games; it’s about the excitement and the collective effort on the field.” His passion for soccer is matched by his dedication to his team and personal growth.

As he steps onto the campus of Hawai‘i Pacific University, he carries with him the experiences, lessons, and accolades from Mid-Pacific career, ready to tackle new challenges and contribute to his new team in meaningful ways.