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This year, the Mid-Pacific School of the Arts (MPSA) Theatre program reached an unprecedented milestone: the High School and Middle School productions sold out before opening night—a first in the school’s history. The high school’s whimsical take on “The Addams Family” directed by Linda Johnson, and the middle school’s vibrant rendition of “Disney’s Descendants The Musical,” steered by Colette Wiel, captivated potential audiences early, leading to completely booked performances.

Linda Johnson’s direction brought a fresh twist to the beloved spooky family, entertaining around 900 audience members over its six-show run. Colette Wiel’s energetic interpretation of the new Disney tale of fairy tale descendants infused the Middle School stage with catchy tunes and dazzling performances. The early sellouts underscored the community’s enthusiasm for the school’s theatre arts department.

Audience members ranging from proud parents to local arts enthusiasts, were treated to shows that mixed professional-quality production with the palpable excitement of school theatre. The directors’ dedication, alongside the students’ passion, not only filled seats but also left lasting impressions, promising another season of artistic triumphs at Mid-Pacific.

Building on this season’s success, the MPSA presented their spring dramatic production: a bold reinterpretation of Arthur Miller’s “The Crucible.” Set against the backdrop of the 1950s—a stark shift from its original 17th-century setting—this production brought a provocative perspective on the classic play. Guest director Rob Duval, the esteemed Artistic Director from Manoa Valley Theatre, brought a dynamic and intense edge to the production, further elevating the school’s reputation for innovative and high-caliber performances. This compelling and thought-provoking rendition of ’s exploration of hysteria and reputation was truly a dramatic finale to the season.