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In the heart of our thriving Mid-Pacific community stands a figure exemplifying the true spirit of commitment and service—Jourdan Okada ’98, the current chair of the Mid-Pacific Institute Alumni Association (MPIAA). From his early days as a seventh grader in 1992 to his role at the helm of MPIAA’s board, Jourdan’s journey is a testament to his enduring connection to his alma mater.

Early Days at Mid-Pacific

Jourdan’s bond with Mid-Pacific began when he entered in the seventh grade. He quickly became involved in a range of activities from student council to cross country and track & field. He also dedicated time as a teaching assistant in social studies classes, showing early signs of his leadership and commitment to education.

“I always felt supported at Mid-Pacific, whether by peers or teachers. This nurturing environment is what fostered not only my academic growth, but also my personal development,” Jourdan reflects. His time at Mid-Pacific wasn’t just about academics and sports; it was also about building relationships that would last a lifetime. “The friendships I made during those years are still strong today. It’s incredibly fulfilling to see our children becoming friends and to serve on the Alumni Board with my former classmates.”

Jourdan and his wife Taryn, and children Joshua ’28 and Emily.

Professional and Personal Journey

After graduating in 1998, Jourdan pursued higher education at the University of Hawai‘i at Mānoa, where he solidified the foundation that Mid-Pacific had helped build. He joined the family business, Okada Trucking Co., Ltd., rising to the role of General Manager. His business acumen was further honed with a real estate license, adding another dimension to his professional capabilities.

“My career and personal life have been deeply influenced by the values I acquired at Mid-Pacific. The school’s emphasis on respect, responsibility, and community service are principles that I carry into every aspect of my life,” Jourdan states.

A Legacy of Growth and Adaptation

Jourdan’s commitment to Mid-Pacific extended into his personal life when he and his wife chose Mid-Pacific’s preschool for their son, drawn by its Reggio Emilia approach that emphasizes learning through exploration. “It was like coming home,” he smiles, recalling the day his son was accepted into the same school that he attended.

In 2021, Jourdan’s involvement took a more formal turn when he joined the MPIAA Board, quickly ascending to the role of President. Under his leadership, the board has focused on fostering engagement through events like the MPIAA Golf Tournament and Alumni Pā‘ina, and initiatives such as the Owls for Owls Grants and Alumni Legacy Scholarships.

“The MPIAA Board is more than a group of former students; we are a team dedicated to advancing Mid-Pacific’s legacy. It’s about giving back and inspiring the next generation to do the same,” he explains.

Reflecting on the changes at Mid-Pacific since his graduation, Jourdan is particularly impressed by the enhancements in the school’s facilities and its approach to education. “The evolution in how we teach and learn, embracing multiple pathways of learning, prepares our students to think both inside and outside the box,” he notes.

Looking Forward

As Jourdan looks to the future, his focus remains steadfast on his family and Mid-Pacific. “I am incredibly proud of the person my son is becoming, thanks to the nurturing environment at Mid-Pacific,” he shares. “My greatest pride, however, comes from my family, who has supported me through every step of my journey and taught me the importance of giving back.”

Jourdan Okada’s story is not just one of personal achievement, but also a narrative of community, continuity, and heartfelt dedication to Mid-Pacific. It serves as an inspiration to all alumni to engage with and contribute to the enduring legacy of their alma mater.

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*Translation provided by the Mid-Pacific Student Translator Committee: Riku Fujisaki ’24, Fiona Hahm ’25, Yumeri Haraki ’25, Riko Hashimoto ’24, Hina Hayashi ’24, Harang Kim ’25, Tony Lee ’24, Youngje Park ’24, Junsei Tanizaki ’24, Sydney Woolly ’24, Jenny Wu ’25 and Julia Yang ’25.