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Jackson Ibarra’s journey at Mid-Pacific over the past 12 years has been marked by consistent success. Not only has he achieved top grades and high honors, but he’s also a natural leader who inspires those around him. He’s excelled in every pursuit with humility, integrity, a strong work ethic, and maturity beyond his years.

“Jackson strives to be the best writer, mathematician, social scientist, scientist, and human he can be,” says Sean Ohira, Director of College Counseling. “For him, academic excellence is not about perfection but about intellectual curiosity and a commitment to lifelong learning.”

What makes Ibarra’s journey remarkable isn’t just the long list of accolades but also his approach to learning and leadership. As the only National Merit Finalist in his class and a full IB Diploma candidate, he navigates the most challenging curriculum with grace and determination. Yet, it’s his humility and willingness to help others that truly set him apart. Whether leading student government or engaging in community service, Ibarra’s positive impact on his peers and the broader community is profound.

“Mid-Pacific has always encouraged student voices and involvement, which makes our school events fun and enjoyable,” Jackson shares. “As a high school student, I want to be involved because it’s my way of giving back to the school that has shaped me. I’ve been at Mid-Pacific since kindergarten, and it’s one of the main places where I’ve grown up not just in age, but also in maturity, thanks to the support of my classmates and teachers. I’m grateful for everything I’ve learned here, and I want to contribute to the Mid-Pacific experience in return.”

Ibarra’s keen interest in the stock market is a prime example of his voracious curiosity. In tenth grade, he founded the school’s Economics and Finance Club to inspire future business leaders. In eleventh grade, he went further by establishing the Junior Economic Club of Honolulu, extending opportunities to students beyond Mid-Pacific.

“I wanted to connect with students from other schools who shared my interest in economics and business,” says Ibarra. “I found the Junior Economic Club, which has chapters in various U.S. cities like Chicago and San Francisco, and thought, ‘why not start one in Honolulu?”

Using social media and personal contacts, Jackson established a core group of five students to organize meetings and invite guest speakers, connecting young people across O‘ahu with a shared passion for economics.

Jackson is also admired for his time management skills, balancing academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. He pursued the school’s most rigorous curriculum, consistently earning top marks. Since sixth grade, he’s been active in student government, holding leadership roles in the National Junior Honor Society, National Honor Society, and Holomua Honor Society. On the golf course, he joined the varsity team as a freshman and was named the Hawaii State Junior Golf Association Player of the Year in 2021. He’s been named the team’s most valuable player every year since ninth grade, earning first-team conference selections and a bronze medal at state tournaments.

With graduation less than a month away, Jackson is eager to start a new chapter at the University of Pennsylvania this fall.

“I’m looking for a new experience from a location standpoint,” Ibarra shares. “I’m excited to explore somewhere new on the mainland. I want to be part of a community where people are ambitious in whatever they pursue, whether in academics, sports, the arts, or social change.”

Just as he’s made a lasting impact on our campus, Jackson Ibarra is poised to leave his mark at the University of Pennsylvania.