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The Preschool and Elementary School celebrated their beloved annual Grandparents’ Day, an event cherished by both students and their families. This year’s festivities began with a special virtual celebration designed for students whose grandparents reside abroad, ensuring everyone could partake in the joyous occasion. The day continued with an on-campus event that welcomed over 400 grandparents of preschool and elementary students.

The event opened with a captivating musical performance, followed by a heartfelt blessing that set a warm tone for the day. Adding a personal touch, students performed an ‘oli and sang “It’s the Little Things,” a song that resonated deeply with the theme of the day.

Following the performances, grandparents were invited into their grandchild’s classroom, where they participated in a variety of activities. These ranged from engaging in creative art projects to watching a nostalgic slideshow that celebrated past and present moments. A highlight for many was the opportunity for grandchildren to interview their grandparents, asking insightful questions like, “What was life like for you when you were my age?”

The day was a beautiful blend of celebration and remembrance, strengthening the bonds between generations and creating memories that will last a lifetime.