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MID-PACIFIC Institute’s Center for Advancing Education (or “The Center”) was founded with the aim to build a global community committed to transforming schools, placing intellectual curiosity and the inquiry process at the center of teaching and learning, and igniting the joy of learning in teachers and students everywhere. This past year, two of the branches of The Center—Kupu Hou Academy and the Global Exchange Academy—were able to realize some of these goals with a rich variety of programs for educators and students alike.

Kupu Hou Academy, led by Dr. Mark Hines, continued on its mission to steward professional development sharing expertise on Deeper Learning pedagogies with teachers and peers in the Hawai‘i community and beyond. In addition to leading development, for Mid-Pacific faculty and developing project-based learning with Waiāhole and Ka‘a‘awa teachers, there were two workshops held during the summer. “Aloha ‘Āina Academy Summer Workshop: Human Rights, Equity and Social Justice in the Food System” was a two-week virtual session that guided teachers in developing project-based learning through the lens of Human Rights, Equity, and Social Justice in food systems. A four-day work-shop “Futureproof: Designing Learning So Students Can Thrive in a Changing and Challenging World” was held on campus in collaboration with author and educator Stephanie Malia Krauss and focused on designing learning to develop life-long skills alongside content mastery. The Fall Meet-Up in September provided an opportunity for the Kupu Hou community to collaborate on their challenges, opportunities, and project-based lessons; more “Meet-Ups” are planned for the Fall/Winter. Kupu Hou also presented at Schools of the Future.

Global Exchange Academy (GlobalX) Director Chris Rothschild, featured in Mid-Pacific Today Fall 2022, built on the success of new virtual, hybrid, and on-campus programs with courses offered during the spring and summer, which included Crypto 101, Games and Tool Design for the Greater Good, Service & Learning, and an E-Sports summer camp. GlobalX has also begun an exciting new partnership with DreamHouse Academy ‘Ewa Beach, offering History of Modern Hawai‘i, Participation in Democracy, and introductory ‘ōlelo for their incoming 9th grade class. This fall, an ‘ōlelo for adults course filled up quickly. GlobalX also continues to offer our popular on-campus Extended Learning after-school learning and after-school care programs.

The GlobalX team is very excited for the 2023 Summer Program, with classes being designed by Chris, Carolynn Bell-Tuttle and other members of the team. A robust program is planned with additional virtual and hybrid courses to complement the on-campus offerings. The 2023 summer learning catalog will be available early in the year. We look forward to seeing more Mid-Pacific students and families take courses and participate in community experiences with others from across the islands and the world.

As The Center grows, we continue to look toward the Mid-Pacific community as our inspiration. Join or teach a GlobalX course. Refer teachers or schools you know to one of Kupu Hou’s workshops. It is our community’s participation that drives us and influences our goals. It is our vision to impact the next generation of problem solvers through Deeper Learning that will carry us into the future of education, together.