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Mid-Pacific’s Student Translation Club currently has 11 members and meets every Friday to work on translation projects and raise awareness about non-native English speakers. The group specializes in translating English copy to Japanese, Chinese and Korean. Their work was featured in the Fall issue of Mid-Pacific Today magazine and in this current issue.

“I wanted to help students and parents that had a difficult time communicating and getting information about the school due to language barriers – my mother is one of them,” says Junsei Tanizaki ‘24, the club’s founder. “I enjoy being able to work with not only the people from my culture, but the ones from others as well and get to learn their language and the similarities and differences it has with my own.”

All students in the Translation Club are bi-lingual – for most English is their second language. Members include: Junsei Tanizaki, Sydney Woolley, Crosby Doyama, Koko Kuramochi, Archer Liang, Tony Lee, Christopher Ferry, Youngje Park, Kai Lin, Hina Hayashi, Rina Doyama, Riko Hashimoto

“I joined this committee because I wanted to give back to the school, which taught me English, by using my Japanese skill,” says Rina Doyama ‘23. “I also thought this is a good opportunity to practice my English and Japanese. Translating school documents was much harder than I thought, especially when I cannot think of any Japanese expression that perfectly expresses the original English text. But I enjoy being part of this team and understanding the two languages better.”