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*Translation provided by the Mid-Pacific Student Translator Committee:
Crosby Doyama (Koske) ’23, Rina Doyama ’23, Hina Hayashi ’23, Riko Hashimoto ’24, Harang Kim ’26, Archer (Shuang) Tony Lee ’24, Liang ’23, Kai (Jia) Liang Lin ’23, Youngje Park ’24, Junsei Tanizaki ’24, Sydney Woolley ’24

We are thrilled to introduce the Ogawa family to our Mid-Pacific community. During the lockdown, Andy, his wife Mako, and daughter Valentina spent a month in Honolulu and quickly realized that Hawai’i felt like home. After researching Honolulu schools, Mid-Pacific Institute was their first choice due to their daughter’s interest in hula and contemporary dance and desire to learn Japanese, a language they speak at home. They appreciated the formal training that Mid-Pacific offers in language and dance and felt that it was the perfect fit for their daughter entering freshman year in 2022.

The Ogawa family believes in the value of making friends for life, and they hope that their daughter will have a similar experience at Mid-Pacific. They also appreciate the global mindset at Mid-Pacific, with the opportunity to exchange ideas with international students. As a Japanese-American family, the Ogawas are interested in engaging with the Japanese student, parent, and alumni community and building stronger connections to foster a sense of community among all members of the school.

As a venture capitalist, Andy Ogawa is familiar with the importance of philanthropy and the impact it can have on a community. The family is committed to supporting the school’s mission to thrive and their foundation made a generous commitment of $500,000 in unrestricted funds last winter.

We hope you join us in warmly welcoming the Ogawa family to our school community. We look forward to seeing the positive impact their commitment to engagement and community will have on our school and families.