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Assistant Preschool Teacher

From Mid-Pacific Student to Assistant Preschool Teacher

Imagination and curiosity are two of the most important traits a young child can have. Laney Savage, one of Mid Pacific’s current assistant preschool teachers, was fortunate to have these traits at a very young age while being exposed to different experiences, perspectives, and cultures by traveling often with her family.

“Traveling at an early age helped me broaden my understanding of the world and helped me develop a more open-minded and accepting perspective,” says Savage. She points to one experience with her grandmother in Japan at a restaurant. “When the waiter came to take our order, my grandmother asked me to order for us in Japanese. I was so shy and reluctantly said our order. When I was finished, I was beaming with pride. This opportunity in an unfamiliar environment really helped build my self-confidence and independence!” she says.

Savage attended Mid Pacific starting from the second grade and says she was very fortunate to have a positive high school experience and to be exposed to such a terrific environment. “There was a point when I was struggling in one of my math classes. I asked my teacher, Mr. Cheng, if it would be possible to receive extra help. He spent an hour with me twice per week, patiently guiding me through my assignments and providing me with personalized attention and support. With his help, I was eventually able to enjoy a subject that once brought me to tears!” says Savage. She goes on to say, “My inspiration to become a teacher stemmed from the teachers I had at Mid Pacific who created an environment in which I thrived.”

After graduating from Mid Pacific in 2015, Savage earned her bachelor’s degree at the University of Hawaii in human development and family studies while working in the preschool aftercare program at Mid Pacific during college. After graduating, she was then hired at Mid Pacific as an assistant preschool teacher full-time, which is the position she currently holds. “My passion is to encourage students to be lifelong learners and to help them enjoy the process of discovery and growth,” says Savage. “I am constantly learning and growing alongside the children, and they fill my days with laughter and joy.”

As for the future, Savage is engaged to be married this summer and sees herself teaching at the school long-term, with hopefully one or two children of her own attending Mid Pacific. Advice she would give youngsters today: “Stay curious, don’t be afraid to ask for help, take care of yourself physically and mentally, spend time outdoors, take breaks when you need them, and don’t forget to have fun!”