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The spirit of giving soared at Mid-Pacific as families participated in the 5th Annual Pueo Pride Challenge, marking a half-decade of spirited competition and community support.

For the fifth year in a row, the Class of 2032 led the way, clinching the top spot in participation for the Preschool and Elementary division of the Mid-Pacific Fund. Their reward was a delightful visit from the Kona Shave Ice truck, serving up a cool treat that was a hit among the students.

In the Middle School division, the Class of 2030 took the crown, demonstrating strong commitment and teamwork. The High School division saw the Class of 2025 emerge as champions, with the juniors showing the highest level of giving among their peers. To celebrate their efforts, students in the middle and high school divisions enjoyed refreshing strawberry lemonade Agua Fresca.

This annual challenge is more than just a friendly competition; it’s a vital part of our school’s efforts to build morale and gather essential funds. Each year, the challenge inspires our families to come together, fostering a sense of pride and accomplishment while supporting various school initiatives through their contributions.